Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Allow me to introduce myself

Hiya everyone :)

As you have probably guessed my name is ceanne, yes it's very unusual i know, i have too repeat it about three times until someone actually understands :) anyway im 16 years old and i love all things beauty related. I'm hoping in the future too be a beautician. i will be studying beauty therapy very soon (cant wait) :) . After watching many many YT videos and reading many blogs i decided it was about time i started my own, i am in love with black and white photos but don't worry i will also use colour too show reviews & makeup (OBV). Look forward too reviews, hauls and tutorials. Also at some point i will be making up a YT account but firstly i wanna start of with this as I'm still nervous about that yet. So please subscribe and follow me on twitter:CeanneMariee please, just bare with me until i get this up and running :)stay tuned Guys, CeanneMariee xoxoxox