Monday, 12 October 2009


you know when you realy want something, you can't stop looking at it and you have to save up all your money in order to get it well thats how i feel about these little beautys....

illamasqua powder blush

Now this is a product ive been drooling over for some time now. It's not exactly one ide say ican't afford but for me who usualy shops at drugstores it would deffo be a start to my high brands which im just starting to try :) ive heard some realy grear reviews on this and im dying to try it out. firstly the eyshadow that caught my eye was the katie ('' light milky pink") as i know this colour would go with my skintone. ive heard also that the pigmintation is realy good :)

what it does- illuminate and enliven your complexion, colour intense, highly pigmented, it can be used to shade, brighten and enchance and define the shape of your face. well that deffo sounds great to me :) what do you guys think of this product?

Classic balenenciaga handbag

Now after watching Richie Nickel ( who i must say is my big obsession right now) i will do a little post on him soon as i think he is amazing and he has taught me so much (L) and also on some of my other favourite you tubers and bloggers i lovee... anyways after watching his video when he got his balenenciaga bag i fell in love and thought to myself ive got to have one hehe :) Just look how pwetty it is and i love the colour so bold and sexy, such a vibrant leather..( ahhaa ok ceanne shhhh) i realy want this bag, i have a picture in my head of me doing " a what's in my bag" with this but it could take a realy long time until i will be able to do that. Just whish my dream come true *hmmm* you see thats the downside it costs around £600-£900 i think not actualy to sure but thats still alot with me being a poor student :( Don't you just whish some things in the world were free (haha) so i think ile just have to say my little goodbuys and dream untill one day its in my hands *waves*


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Some Questions & Answers..

hey hey my beautyfulss so here is a few questions i wanted to do for you. i wasn't tagged or anything but i thought i would do it anyway :)

. whats your favourite eye shadow to wear?

sable by MAC.

. what's the one product you wouldn't leave the house without?

that would have to be my studio fix powder to touch up through out the day.

. whats your favourite makeup look?

smokey eye or bronzed look.

. which feature do you play up the most?

my eyes.. probabaly.

. which feature do you try to downplay.. ( cover up)?

hmm well my legs haha and my arms because i hate them.

. your favourite makeup brand?

hmm well that would have to be MAC.

. which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again?

revlon colourstay foundation ( i lovee this stuff, but im actualy thinking of trying studio-fix fluid by MAC soon').

. which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why?

Hmm probably miss sporty eyeliners, there realy crap tbh they just don't stay on at all. when i wore it i was constantly having to top it up every hour haha.

. one beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done?

hmm this is hard to choose but i would defo have an eyebrow wax and a facial.

. one beauty treatment you would never PAY to have done?

Manicure/false nails, i don't need to because i can get them done for free with me training to be a beautician.

. one beauty trick you can share with everyone?

well this is the main one that everyone knows about haha and thats to always remove makeup before going to bed. trust me its always the best expecialy when using a night cream aswel it realy helps your skin.

. best advice you have been given regarding beauty and makeup?

always use the ring finger when applying anything under the eyes. it is much more delicate and helps to warm up the product aswell :D

hope you enjoyed that and if you have any questions just let me know (: love you all xxx

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dermalogica skin smoothing cream

So Ive been trying out a few products recently by dermalogica and the skin smoothing cream i thought was really good. It's a great moisturiser for normal/dry/sensitive skin. it glides on really well and for the first try i felt my skin calm down and feel nourished. its not greasy although its a medium weight cream. The cream is a white colour and has a pleasant aroma. It has lasted me so long so for the price it is really long lasting. Ive have noticed from this product that is not too heavy and moisturises very well into my skin and doesn't make it tight. when applying i use a pea size amount and that covers my whole face so altogether this is a very good product non heaviness and greasiness. what could be better more?

i would deffo recommend this to everyone. let me know what you all think and your views on this product? :)

Monday, 3 August 2009

Review on Dermalogica daily microfoliant

Hey my lovelys,
So i wanted too do a review on this product as it's one i have been using for some months now. My mum introduced me too dermalogica some time ago and she actually gave this too me as it didn't work for her. It made her skin go irritated and red so ever since i have been using it and for me it has worked very well. I use this everyday, i wash my face using a dove soap as that cleanses my face and then use the product after , it works very well for getting deep into the pores and getting rid of dead skin cells. After use my face is always smooth and it gets rid of my dry spots so when i apply my makeup i always feel its easier too spread evenly. After the first use i noticed a difference smooth, non flaky and fresh looking skin.
I would defiantly recommend this if you have dry patchy skin it has worked wonders for me. Even tho it is very expensive i would say it's defiantly a product to treat yourself. If there is anything else you would like too know about this product feel free too ask, has anybody else tried this product? how did it work for you?

Sunday, 2 August 2009

ask me anything...

Hey guys,

So i was thinking about doing a questions post so you could all get too know me abit better as i am new too this. Maybe a question tag or something.

So get your questions coming and i will get answering them for you :)

Love you all guys, hope your all well :) xoxoxox

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Allow me to introduce myself

Hiya everyone :)

As you have probably guessed my name is ceanne, yes it's very unusual i know, i have too repeat it about three times until someone actually understands :) anyway im 16 years old and i love all things beauty related. I'm hoping in the future too be a beautician. i will be studying beauty therapy very soon (cant wait) :) . After watching many many YT videos and reading many blogs i decided it was about time i started my own, i am in love with black and white photos but don't worry i will also use colour too show reviews & makeup (OBV). Look forward too reviews, hauls and tutorials. Also at some point i will be making up a YT account but firstly i wanna start of with this as I'm still nervous about that yet. So please subscribe and follow me on twitter:CeanneMariee please, just bare with me until i get this up and running :)stay tuned Guys, CeanneMariee xoxoxox